spring break agenda

this last quarter has been ridiculously time consuming. 4 classes- 18 credits at a new school in a new program. working 20 hours a week. ministry when i can. next week is last week of the quarter. then finals week. and the soldout conference. needless to say, i am ecstatic for spring break in 2 weeks. this is a rough draft of my spring break agenda:

• build a fort out of sheets in my living room and camp out (helloooo smores)
• write in a journal
• eat at the tap house with colin
• paint a picture
• cupid strike natalie and mike
• talk to jen on the phone
• no alarm. sleep in everyday
• give bella and colin haircuts
• snowboard
• bash the bachelor
• never update someone elses twitter again
• beat brad on wii
• buy avocados at tacoma boys
• announce a city wide german spotlight tournament
• dress up VIP status and eat dinner in seattle
• buy a gold ring
• dance party over facebook with blair
• take becky’s pregnancy pictures
• ghost write a book
• wear dangly earrings
• cozy up next to a fire and colin
• catch up on greys anatomy
• buy new socks
• 242 it with brad, chris, colin and baby carley
• beg mom for a puppy
• watch the video on my facebook from tony
• adventure in Portland
• talk for hours about nonsense with mom. and natalie
• update my iphone software
• celebrate chris’s 21st birthday!!!!

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  • Tara

    Those are great spring break plans. I wish I could sleep in this week…I will be working during my spring break.
    There is no need to wait two weeks to bash the bachelor…let the bashing begin. He deserves it.
    Umm…buy a gold ring? Is there something I should know??
    Whose book are you ghost writing?
    I have not watched any of this season of Grey’s…It’s disgraceful…
    You SHOULD get a puppy!!! Omg, I would like a puppy as well.
    I need an iphone…
    Roomie I miss you and love reading your blog!