Tweet tweet tweet!!!!

in the last couple of weeks, ive worked to understand and belong in the “new” (im not sure if its actually ‘new’) social networking and communication tool- twitter. after days of confusion and 4-5 accounts made and deleted, i feel like im finally getting the hang of twitter.

what is twitter? twitter is a virtual communication tool ANYONE can use to stay connected to each other with quick updated answers to one simple question- what are you doing? twitter also allows you to send personalized updates/messages to individuals using @replies. 

how do i sign up? twitter can be signed up for via the web at, or on your pda or cell phone. free accounts can be created on the twitter website by creating a basic username and password. or, using text messaging on your phone, you can text twitter to 40404. if using twitter for the first time on your phone, you should know of a current twitter user and their username. then by texting ‘follow username’ to 40404, you can begin your twitter experience. replying back to twitter’s automated message with your name, your free twitter account will be automatically made and another following message will be forwarded to your phone with your username. to register your username on the web and create a twitter homepage, go to and click the link “already using twitter on your phone? click here.” twitter’s clear directions make it easy for ANYONE to start. (note: to ensure your twitter will receive and send text updates, make sure your device notifications are ON, you can do this by going to your settings/device page when you are logged into your twitter).

what is a twitter update? twitter updates are quick status messages that are (1) posted on your twitter webpage, (2) sent to your “followers” twitter webpages and (3) sent to your “followers” phone/devices via text message. as well as the twitter users that you are follower, you will receive their updates on your webpage and through text message. twitter updates can be sent on your twitter home page or via text message to 40404.

whose on twitter? your mom, your neighbor, your pastor… tv shows. celebrity’s. groups. organizations. churches. artists.

warnings!!!! once you create a twitter account online, your email address and username can NEVER be used again even if you delete your account. so pick a username you are happy with, and use an email address that will never be thrown away.

what i like about twitter:
– its easy (you dont have to be tech savvy)
– ANYONE can use it
– its a great way to mass communicate important and non-important messages
– i LOVEEEE the text messaging capability of twitter
– i enjoy being able to “follow” friends, pastors, groups and people i admire
– its simple
– its easy to invite new users

what i DONT like about twitter:
– its still working out its bugs, sometimes it can take many minutes to receive updates or until updates are posted on webpages
– it can be unclear when using for the first time from your cell phone
– there is no way to send a message/update to twitter users that you are not already following or users that are not already following you

my most recent favorite twitter user: @lifejournal. lifejournal twitter updates the daily life journal read-through so that you are never guessing or searching for today’s readings. now you can just receive the update on your phone 🙂 i believe twitter perfectly exemplifies 21st century communication. forget about group text messages and facebook status. get twitter!

follow me now on twitter: text ‘follow lindseytalerico’ to 40404 OR click the picture below to see my webpage!

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