dance music & free style dance.

shake yo money makaa…. she hit the floo, next thing you know…. shake it like a pom pom, like a pom pom… for a long time now, music has flavored everything from broadway, tv, radio and most definitely dance. music has become a subculture of its own. there is as much tradition and history in music as there is economy of any ethnicity or country. with music comes hundreds of styles of dance that have made dancing a profession and a favorite past time for many people.

this past year i was at my hometown’s summer carnival where my three little cousins performed a variety of dances with their performing routine groups. after their dances, i watched a group of adult women show off their beginning belly dancing skills. this just proves that dancing can find a style of enjoyment for all ages.

while back up dancers in britney spears, nsync, or miley cyrus concerts have created the “dancer” image, there is much more to dancing than pop music has offered. in recent years, free style dancing has taken over streets, movies, and mtv. movies like you got served, stomp the yard, and my favorite, step up and step up 2 have showcased free style dancers. with break dance, pop and lock, and body rolls, dancing has truly become an expression of its own.

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