olympic dreams.

although i have not been completely interested in the olympic games in the past, this years summer games have got colin and i watching them every night. the games of the 29th olympiad in beijing is a collaboration of over 100 countries and 600 athletes that will compete in 28 different sports. 302 gold medals will be rewarded. china’s hosting of the olympic games has become more like their own coming out party celebrating their economic success since their prior times of poverty and eroding government. all of this has influenced me to watch nbc every night and catch whats going on. ive got to see men and womens beach volleyball, some swimming stuff… the coolest event was the synchronize diving. but my favorite sport to watch so far has been the gymnastics. 16 year old shawn johnson is expected to win the all around gold medal. but the chinese have already won themselves the team gold medal for their technique and all around performances.

the opening ceremony for the olympic games was one of the most spectacular things i have ever seen… the beijing stadium, called the bird’s nest, is a stadium for all athletes to dream of. an LCD screen that stretches over 500 feet portrayed a graphically moving floor during the opening ceremony that had over 28,000 performers. check out the ceremony on youtube.

The Birds Nest

The Bird's Nest

overall, the olympic games have proved themselves to be a symbol of harmony for athletes around the world. the summer olympic games of 2010 will be hosted in london, england. winter olympics 2008 in vancouver, canada. go world!

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