[the Option] North Korean refugees…

i know this may sound ridiculous… but i often avoid anything asian. expect the food. i am korean. but i was adopted when i was 4 months old. so i grew up in urban washington in a predominately white community with white parents and blue eyed blonde haired siblings. needless to say, i am not the person to ask about asian culture or history or politics or anything. i have grown up a white american on the inside. i didnt have an asian posse in high school or a love for hello kitty in jr. high. and to this day i consider myself not too knowledgeable about anything in korea or japan or china or wherever except the origin of the pearl harbor attack, or whatever ive seen on mulan or kung fu panda or rush hour. and i do know that north korea is a communist country rumored to have access to a nuclear bomb that could be launched from n. korea and hit as far away as washington state. which is no good.

anyhow, i stumbled over one of my professors blogs the other day that highlighted this organization, [the Option]. this newly formed organization works to rescue north korean refugees trapped in china through underground networking across eastern asia. [the Option] has helped to expose the reality of bondage, oppression, political corruption, poverty, slavery, human trafficking, and disease problems of north korea. these issues, too, i have unconsciously avoided in my efforts to avoid the asian image cliche. 

this is a reminder to all that such injustice should never be ignored or avoided especially due to its distance from us. below is an animation short [the Option] produced of the story of a young woman refugee.

check out their website: www.theoption.org

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