first dates.

colin and i spent the day in old town pasadena first at a park basking in the sun, reading. then we went to one of our favorite restaurants wokano and shared some wonderful singapore dish. one of my favorite things to do while we’re out at dinner is to watch the other couples around our table. you can always tell whose just friends, whose family, and who is on a first date. friends laugh and are wrapped up in some gossip conversation. families eat. because there is no need to entertain family at the dinner table. but first dates, first dates are different. the guy is usually telling a story of his childhood or is trying to convince his date how much he loves his job all the while trying to sweep her off her feet with down to earth remarks and side compliments. and the girl quietly sits. sometimes she giggles. but its a nervous or courtesy giggle so that her date knows she is completely bored by his past. and i love it. i just think that the whole first date thing is so funny. so serious when youre the one on the date. but now that im way past first dates, i just have to laugh at them when i see them mainly because i think theyre sweet. you never know which couples will end up together forever one day. i like to hope that most of them will fall deeply in love with the other. the kind of love that never leaves your mind and has you feeling bubbly inside all the time. the kind i feel with him. and tonight while we ate, and i witnessed the first dates around us, i was thankful we are past the awkward conversation and the need to tell another story. that we can comfortably enjoy each other <3

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