lord i pray for your grace.

i have recently been contemplating my future a lot. i was talking to my best friend the other day on the phone and we were discussing the changes in the weather and the economy and the overall status of the nation and world. in my home town there were actually thunder storms so great this last week that lightning bolts literally struck the ground. on my breaks at work, i try to read a few articles in the front on the LA times to bring myself up to date with breaking news. in the last week i have read about government corruption in zimbabwe, flood action in iowa, terrorists in japan and still more injuries from the earthquake in china. i cant help but think that our world is perhaps in over its head. 

i also received a text message the other day from a friend in malawi. i have been worried about him and his church because i have not received any emails from them in quite some time now. so i was ecstatic when i got his text message. he said the reason i havent heard from him is because he was involved in the national census and has been away from home. i had no idea that countries still really conducted a census this way. though i might be a little naive, i often wonder what it would be like if the entire population of malawi lived in the united states and had what we have, live the way we live. and not with a life expectancy of 26 and a daily scare of catching malaria or aids. 

ok i have strayed from the point. my point is that i dont even know my world. i dont even know my country. our world is truly changing. sometimes i wonder if jesus’ return is sooner than i really think. the bible says that we will not know the day or the hour but that we can read the signs of the end times. i feel as though the signs are everywhere and are multiplying daily. i wonder the real need for a save in the economy and a decrease in gas prices when the day of the lord is so near. have we forgotten the things that will truly matter in the end? have i forgotten about the riches of heaven? i know that we must contend for the day jesus returns. and i do. with this, my greatest prayer is for the wonderful mercy and grace of my god to cover my family, our future. and mine.

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