God’s humour

This is how I know God has a sense of humour.

Every time I go to the mall or the grocery store or the movie theater, really anywhere, I can always count on a small child persistently crying. Crying so loud and obnoxiously that it actually makes everybody else around that kid wish they were anywhere but there. And it just so happens that I have made a vow to myself and my future husband-to-be that my children will never NEVER never cry and scream and whine like that in public. Now  understand that this will take a great deal of manner-parenting on our ends, but I believe it will be well worth it.No matter where I go, it never fails that there is a screaming-bloody-murder child right beside me before the end of the errand.

Last summer I returned from Malawi and was really sick with an pneumonia, bronchitis and some sort of extraneous virus. My mom and sister were down in California visiting. I had a prescription pick up at target one evening so I rode with mom in the car to pick it up. I couldn/t walk without feeling nauseated so I stayed in the car to take a nap while she went inside. I kid you not, the car next to me had a screaming infant inside so loud that I’m sure everyone inside of target could not hear their own thoughts.

This is how I know of God’s humour. Surely, the dude knows I hate hate HATE crying children and yet they always come my way.

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