a home feeling.

ive been home for the last week and its amazing the things that change and the things that never change when you have not visited home for awhile. everyone i know is getting engaged or married or having a baby. people love weddings and babies. lots of people from high school are doing the same old things with the same old people. in a way i kind of envy them for still living in the fantasy of high school life where everything is easy and mom and dad still pay for everything since you still live under their roof. but i know that there is the rest of the world that is out there to suck your money (like the gas/oil companies) and lets face it, sooner or later we gotta start being grown up. 

some things are the same. like my sisters hair. and fred meyer. and the teriyaki restaurants on every corner. i can always count on teriyaki up here. 

but the starbucks are increasing to every block instead of every other block. washington has the best cranberry orange scones. and chonga bagels. the weather up here right now is the coldest it has ever been at this time of year since the 1800s when we began to have the technology to keep track. the same temperature as the weather in october of last year. washington has the highest suicide rate… i think its because of the bad weather. but i really dont mind it. the weather part. colin and are going to las vegas when we get back and im sure it will be at least 100 there. ill complain more there than here. 

i chopped off my hair today. over 11″. im gonna zip lock baggie it and send it off to locks of love or wigs for kids or one of those places. short hair is all together a better thing for my head. its lighter. takes less shampoo and drying time. easier. 

i guess what im trying to say is that its weird how time changes things. dad gets more grey hairs. sister gets skinnier and older and more mature. friends come. friends go. and all the while i didnt do one thing to make all that happen. kinda sucks. but its nice too. be assured things will always always change. 

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  • jcmckenzie

    Wow, thats interesting! hahaha, we miss ya lindsey cant wait to move to Florida.