best friends.

my best friend from home told me earlier today that everyone is sun burnt there. im not jealous. because sun burns hurt. and especially because it was something like 101 degrees today in la county. and i stubbed my toe on a fan at colin’s earlier too. i almost cried. instead i screamed. its just terrible the things that hurt our bodies. the only bone ive ever broke was my finger during high school. i promise im not a wimp. i was just never careless enough to break my arm or leg… only careless enough to stub my toe on a fan. so i know this is a pretty lame metaphor to life but at that moment i was thankful our egos don’t bruise or sunburn as easily as our bodies or my friends and i would be in some painful circumstances all too often.

my other best friend got in a car wreck the other day. ive never been in one. in my whole life. and the chances of someone getting in a car accident today are like 1 out of 3 people. i, once again, am not thrilled to know the pressures of a statistic are pressing in on me and one day i, too, will become a number. i was on the phone earlier with her when her mom, who is my california mom, came on the phone to tell me about her new ministry. destiny defenders. before you judge, understand that destiny defenders travel to women’s shelters to spread the good news, indeed it is good news, of jesus christ and inspire the women there to defend their destiny in christ, who made them with all greatness, against anything and everything that would tell them otherwise. it makes me happy that somewhere, there are still people who believe in the good news that our identity is found in christ and preach it to those who have lost their own identity. 

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