heaven and hell.

i was thinking today about both the conventional view of all things and the emerging church view. the conventional view says that only the elect will leave this earth and go to heaven. there is nothing we can or cannot do that will affect any part of God’s decision to select someone. and i thought, this view is nice. but only if im one of the elect. because if im not, my doom to hell is inevitable. so i thought of the emerging church view which says anybody can go to heaven if they repent of their sins and acknowledge jesus as lord and savior. this view is considered a gift because once again, there is nothing we can or cannot do that will keep us from a relationship with god. but this view still believes that not ALL people will go to heaven. so then, if i believe completely in the emerging churches perspective, i could work or toil (toil is the biblical word) my whole life and still never know my destiny of heaven or hell until the day i die or jesus comes back. so either way, i am possibly doomed to hell or running towards heaven with no road signs…. some people might call this a depressing thought. i just find it peculiar. 

erwin mcmanus says that all religion is either fatalistic or legalistic. fatalistic that our destiny is predetermined. legalistic that your ticket to heaven depends on your worship, your heart, your desire…. the list goes on. and when you begin to look at religion this way, it sucks. im so thankful god isnt fatalistic or legalistic. im convinced this is just another one of those things us religious folk made up. 

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  • jcmckenzie

    When I read your Blogs I feel like I am doing devos with you! Your really long thought process… My are long too..

  • jcmckenzie

    you should for sure write more often. You are really smart. Comment on other peoples post. Use it to let people know what you are doing in life. Put up some pictures. Write a blog and then send out a bulk email for people to look at it. hmmm. what else. You really smart and creative, it will give people something to put n there pocket. Try to make your blogs around three paragraphs. Something that wont take a lot of time. That is all I know about blogging so far. It is an amazing way to network with people…